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Iowa Pipeline Safety

    There are some 30,271.1 miles of hazardous liquid and natural gas pipelines in Iowa. That figure compares with a national average of 51,765 miles.

These pipelines include large diameter lines carrying energy products to population centers, as well as small diameter lines that may deliver natural gas to businesses and households in your neighborhood. The energy products carried in pipelines fuel our lives and our livelihoods. They heat our homes and schools, power our industrial base and enable our daily commutes. Pipelines are by far the safest method for transporting energy products. Nevertheless, they can and sometimes do rupture, posing serious risk. That’s why we encourage everyone in Iowa to learn about pipelines and the products they carry, as well as a few simple steps you can take to help us ensure pipeline safety in your community.

Iowa Pipeline Association Mission Statement

The purpose of the Iowa Pipeline Association is to develop and enhance communications and establish a working liaison between pipeline companies in Iowa. IPA introduces emergency responders, public officials, excavators, and the affected public to the basics of pipeline recognition and encourages everyone to use the state one-call underground damage prevention program. IPA also focuses on providing Iowa emergency responders with the information they need to protect our nation’s critical assets and to ensure the safety of the communities they serve.

2016 IPA Board Members

Jake David Jacobsmeier - President
Michelle Payne - Vice President
LuAnn Allar - Treasurer 
Paul Kleist - Secretary 

Iowa Pipeline Association

PO Box 3151 | Wichita, KS 67201 | Phone: 877-556-2384 | Fax: 316-858-8020



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